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Pining for Spring

Posted on: March 12, 2010

The following is a personal response to a post on my mother-in-law’s s incredible blog,

Time is not an unruly Two-year old too impatient to sit still, but a stoic Taskmaster placing fetters on my wrists and ankles and then prodding me on at a horrific pace and ironicly not fast enough. What I wouldn’t give to shake the shackles and freely fly to the place where I will long for him to still! How painfully the leaky faucet drips on my head until I cannot be restrained there anymore and shout, “Enough!”

I long to step into the sun so badly, but perhaps the waterfall before me distorts the picturesque pasture beyond and only tricks me into thinking it will be greener.  I want to see the whole puzzle but am only given pieces with jagged edges that just hint at the picture being created. I feel each future moment can only be better than the present. I am so eager to race forward to a promised land while presently being driven forth before the wind.

Does naivety beget my impatient enthusiasm as a child yearns for growth,  incognizant of the brevity of springtime?  Will wisdom’s years cause me to recollect days warmer than they were? Will I ever learn to slow Time’s marching pace and embrace the abundance surrounding me? Is the wind today an overlooked blessing carrying seeds to produce future blooms? Is this day as mild as any other or are my hopes met in the shadows of what is to come?

Please share with me your thoughts about Time. Time is a central and important part our lives. It drives everything we do.  Is time really a creation of man? Part of what I wanted to get across in this post is the inconsistency of Time – sometimes an hour flies by, sometimes it drags on. How do you feel about Time? Have your feelings changed over time? (he he)

11 Responses to "Pining for Spring"

Your talking about the inconsistency of time is interesting. Was it Bruce R. McConkie who said time was not native to us, so no wonder it seemed so inconsistent? Whoever it was, I’ve thought about that. And it’s true that a minute can seem SO LONG and then an hour can seem SO SHORT! A day can seem like a lifetime and four years can whiz past. As far as my feelings changing over time, wow! In some ways definitely and in others, not at all. Funny. Time is such a strange thing. Right now, I’m just trying to enjoy all my time and not wish for it to rush past, which is always a temptation. “Oh, I can’t wait until… I can’t wait until…” You know. But on the other hand, then I have to be careful not to regret that time passes so fast! Life is a paradox.

Wow I love that thought by Elder McConkie! Thank you for sharing that!

I was thinking about how amazing it is that almost two years have passed since I moved to Utah. It’s funny that we mark time by big events in our lives. It’s interesting when you go back in time to a place you used to belong and suddenly you see how very much has changed. Time and change are almost synonymous in a sense aren’t they?

See, I can’t decide which thought I agree with more. Because right now I DO have a 2 year old, and dealing with time definitely feels like dealing with unruly demonic 2 year old every now and then. But I also get the other sentiment. PARADOX. Harrumph.

And I’m not a creepy stalker or anything, I’m one of Grant’s Florida friends and I saw your blog on facebook so I decided to hop over 🙂

Hop on over any time you like! Thank you for your comment. 🙂

All I know about Time is that I can really relate to the country song “Don’t Blink”. Pretty sure just yesterday I was a brand new Mom holding a really cute baby girl . . .

Aw mama! Why you gotta make me cry? 🙂

“Time is an illusion. Lunchtime, doubly so”
– Douglas Adams – Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”

Faster and slower time spans exist in my reality. By the clock or timer, such spans should be equal, however, I’ve noticed that great expectations and rapt anticipation create slow spans, sometimes painfully slow; and correspondingly, any time your having so much fun that you forget to look at a clock, the hours slip by at hyper-speed. Slow time events in my memory: waiting for spaghetti or eggs to boil, The last five minutes of school before the release bell for recess, or going home time (and if there is a father & sons outing after school, the slow time span is magnified exponentially). Fast spans include family walks in nature, fishing, camping, golfing, video gaming, programming a computer, singing in a choir, the span of time in my children’s lives between birth and baptism, and baptism and college, and college and marriage, and dates with my wife — all these events go by way too fast! When we get to rewatch the great video recording of our lives (except for the parts edited out by repentance), I will have my finger on the rewind button for these fast spans of time, and expect to have proof that playback time for these is much faster than for the slow time spans.

One of my favorite activities is lying in bed at night with my mind’s finger on the rewind button. I miss you dad!

“You’re gonna miss this. You’re gonna want this back. You’re gonna wish these days hadn’t gone by so fast.”

It is strange how difficult it is to keep from galvanizing and glorifying the past when you know you felt the same about time then as you do now. Somehow there is always a happier memory or a time you wish to revisit. It is a trick I have begun to play on my own mind to instead think of what is making me happy now and how I can improve it when I find the list lacking-and what can make me and my family happy in the future. 🙂

That is a wonderful “trick”! 🙂 Mama always taught us to count our blessings when we were sad and it never occurred to me till now that they were always present blessings i was counting, not past.

Ha-that never occured to me either but you’re right. I love that! 😀

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