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Sensational Reading

Posted on: April 1, 2010

I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read on the train.

When my sisters and I were young, we made up fantastical adventures and acted them out in wild melodramas.  Later on, when first contemplating an occupation and after having seen Harry Potter hit the big screen, I was convinced that I was destined to write science fiction and fantasy novels which would of course become blockbuster films and rake in the millions.  However, as teenage and young adulthood worked their transformations, I pulled my nose out of the fiction novels and decided that if I wanted to write about adventure than I had better have one myself.  Somewhere along the line this resulted in my keeping a regular journal.

Now as I look back on the collection of writings I have from my youth, I find that the joy from reading this far exceeds my pleasure in any fantasy or romance story. But it is not because my life is particularly fascinating either (though my husband does a swell job at making it plenty magical). I look at old letters, emails, journals, poetry, doodles, ticket stubs, awards, rejection letters, photographs – all of this allows me to reflect upon my own development and understand what I was really feeling. It is simple, but there’s something about the simplicity. What is it?

We read some correspondence and journal entries written by famous writers during Europe’s Restoration for an English class of mine.  I enjoyed this reading almost more than anything else we’ve read this unit.  I realized that it’s comparable to popular media today:  Facebook, Twitter, Scrapbooking, Blogging and even “reality” TV. They all put forth ordinary people’s everyday thoughts, ideas, and experiences for our perusal (ok, we can question that point with reality TV) and we love it. What is it in us that searches out and appreciates the authentic?


9 Responses to "Sensational Reading"

The same part of our spirits that are looking for the truth in what we are and why we are here–we just have to look from all different angles.

I love reading these thoughts of yours-they make me ponder your questions all day (or multiple days lol) and take me down paths of true self-contemplation. I recently read my own diaries from both High School and college and had a thought somewhere along the same lines. “You know- to someone who doesn’t know me, reading this might actually be rather dull, and yet to me it is an absolutely fascinating and a thrilling adventure.” To relive the events and people and places that shaped me-things I’ve forgotten about or think of rarely, is a treat 🙂
Makes me think about how wonderful it will be once we are able to peruse our pre-earth life memories once more and see how far we’ve come. Do you ever think you know certain thoughts from then? Ones that have been held in your heart since before you can remember? Perhaps it is the same part of us that can hold on to the thought that we are going to make it, that we can help the cause along, that is the part encouraging us to examine the world around us and find what is authentic and purposeful in the world and can help us define our mission on earth. We learn by observation and experience how the human mind, body and spirit work together to evolve into a being worthy of becoming like Our Father. We search for the reality: meaning and truth in things we see, think, hear, read and experience that will lead us in the direction our spirits are longing to go.

Sorry about the novel 😉 I told you you made me think lol

I don’t think your diary is boring at all sister. 😉 (whoops, did I say that aloud?)

Do you remember the time when we sat around with Grandma and Grandpa A at our house during thanksgiving and read from one of our ancestor’s accounts about how she met and dated her husband. She had started dating a friend of his to get his attention because he was dating her sister! Her account of it had us all laughing hysterically because we were so delighted! Her wit, even at 17, was wonderfully entertaining! I think it’ll be the same for the generations that read what we write – in our private keepsakes or here on the internet. How neat an experience to know the people who came before you through their personal thoughts on paper (or in cyberspace). 🙂 I wish I had grandma Dixie’s journals to know her better. We’ll have to make sure to find mom’s before she can burn them. LOL

It’s true. I love reading old journals etc. Feeling like I’m invited to examine other people’s inner most thoughts 😉 …or spying. not gonna lie.

Hmmm…I don’t THINK there’s anything in my journal that you couldn’t read…but if you read something that shocked you I’d be surprised. You were there for most of it and helped form those opinions and thoughts that I wrote down 🙂

I wish we had Grandma Dixie’s too!

Mom caught me reading her college diary once…I think I told you about it. I read about her riding motorcycles and fitting like four dates into one night and a bunch of other hysterical stuff that totally doesn’t sound like mom. She FLIPPED. I’m thinking getting those journals out whole and sound is going to be a trick…hahaha

LOL and now she’s going to flip because you just posted about her motorcycle and dating adventures online! OH what I wouldn’t give to know what she was thinking at my age! I want to know if she felt the same way and had the same opinions as me on some things! Dixie too! I want to get inside the women who came before me and find out how they managed through difficult trials that I know they experience too! I KNOW it would be inspiring. Plus I’m of the opinion that when you read something as personal as a diary you become less judgmental not more because you truly understand their thought process and why they did what they did. Know what i’m saying?

I love that quote. I enjoy reading through my journals sometimes. I crack myself up. I’m sure nobody else would be all that amused, but I make me smile. 🙂

I love it when my sister or husband reads to me from their journals. The people you love and touch with your life enjoy hearing your thoughts. It’s getting to know a different part of you> What you put on paper because it’s important for you to remember or get out and what you say outloud are often very different. I think that’s part of why this blogging thing is so popular!

“I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.”
– Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest, Act 2

Bri! Sorry — I pushed send before I’d commented on that favorite quote! I have always LOVED it!~ Everything you say is so true. Though I love writing for my blog, I love writing in my journal even more and sometimes wonder why. I picture myself as a very old, lonely lady I think, who will be helped to endure to the end by keeping company with her journals. I’ve been too prolific to imagine posterity EVER making it through all of them. Another possibility? The angels will read from them at my judgment. Ouch!

😀 You forget that your judge will be a perfect one! I’m sure He will smile on you.

I enjoy writing in my journal and do so more frequently than my blog as well. There’s something addictive about writing out one’s thoughts daily that takes you over if you allow it to. I hope to encourage all of Grant and my children to keep a daily journal from the time they can write! 🙂

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