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Morning Song

Posted on: May 25, 2010

“Then Illuvatar said to them: ‘Of the theme that I have declared to you, I will now that ye make in harmony together a Great Music. And since I have kindled you with the Flame Imperishable, ye shall show forth your powers in adorning this theme, each with his own thoughts and devices, if he will. But I will sit and hearken, and be glad that through you great beauty has been wakened into song.'” (The Creation of the World according to Tolkein, taken from The Silmarillion that my dad read to me when I was young.)

I enjoy my mornings with the birds. My solitary walk from home to the JSB is serenaded by a symphony of chirps and tweets, the sounds of life awakening to a new and beautiful day. I cannot help but smile slyly as I notice things that others hurry by in a rush to class: the yellow birds with red faces and black tipped wings flitting from branch to branch, the quail that chase each other through the bushes, the robins that hop to their own rhythm in the grass glowing with dew, and my favorite family, a mama duck and her 9 little duckings, waddling through the cool puddles of an earlier shower or curled up together enjoying the first rays of liquid warmth. I love to saunter leisurely to work, enjoying the morning, my spirit singing hymns to the Creator of such beauty composed of little chirps and tweets.


14 Responses to "Morning Song"

I love this. You write my thoughts so beautifully. I remember when my older brother got engaged (I was a freshman), his fiance would point out beautiful clouds, perfect flowers, magnificent mountains and all sorts of God’s creations. I had always enjoyed looking at the earth, but I started to pay more attention. Morgan said I did the same thing to him when we became friends. Even know, I’m looking out the window and can see a beautiful garden surrounded my trees. My soul delights in these things. It brings almost a physical ache. Thanks for bringing more beauty to my day.

I think it’s part of being a romantic. Grant told me that he had read something about women seeing color more vividly than men. He thought it must be the reason why we get all giddy about flowers. 🙂

I though you would enjoy the connection between music and nature. I remember being fascinated by Tolkein’s replica of the creation in The Silmarillion because the ‘supreme god’, Illuvatar, sends His children out to sing the world into being. And then the anti-god fights against Him by creating discord with Iluvatar’s music’s original theme.

That is so something I can buy: a world created by the power of music. Music has such a power to it. It can create and destroy. It can create feelings of hope or despair or apprehension or joy. It has the power to move us forward and motivate us to action. I always blast movie soundtracks when I’m on the elliptical at the gym because it inspires me to work so much harder.

This morning I was marveling at the bird’s music. It was like they sang the sun into the sky and my heart. That’s how it feels to be outside to me — the breeze in my hair, the fresh and indescribable smells, the bright colors, the warmth of the sun on my shoulders — they feel like music!

I agree that music has power. I have to say when I’m in a bad mood, the last thing I want to do is listen to good music and I’ve found that that really is Satan working on me because if I’ll just turn on a hymn or something, I feel a lot better immediately! I guess it’s like the scripture that says that the evil one teaches a man not to pray. So he teaches not to listen to good music. 🙂 But the Spirit teaches a man to pray. And listen to good music, I guess. 🙂

I remember these walks and sounds, too. It’s one reason I love to go running in the mornings before people are up and about. Aside from the pattering of my feet, I can see, hear, and feel of the beautiful world around me which always puts me in mind of its Creator. My own personal commune time.

This is beautifully written. And I LOVE that quote!

That’s is the perfect way to put it, I think. Personal commune time! The world is spinning a little faster these days and if you stand still long enough, I’m sure you’ll see that God’s hand yet controls the turning. It’s that “going away” from the rush of everyday to appreciate the simple (and yet extraordinary) things He has given us. Thank you for your comment!

I love to walking on a Spring day. It is revitalizing.

I read an article recently that commented on how wonderful it is that we celebrate Easter and the Lord’s resurrection in the Spring, because it is a time of rebirth. It reminded me that everything stands as a witness, even the flowers. I think Spring is my favorite season for the reason you stated – it is revitalizing! It’s all about renewal.

This morning, I found myself awake just as light was beginning to grace the sky. I could hear one bird above all others. What struck me most was how persistent the bird was in singing its morning song even with the rain pouring out of the sky. As I contemplated that occurrence in light of your post, I came to the conclusion that the song we sing is the song of redeeming love (Alma 5:26). We come nearer to Christ as we continually sing redeeming love (Alma 5:9) through rain or shine- rather through all circumstances in our lives.

Amanda, you amaze me friend. The experience you had is so beautiful it made me cry. I think it is one of your gifts to find the way each and everything testifies of Christ. You continually teach me! Keep singing my dear, dear friend!

You know that’s my favorite game! How many times did we discuss how things testify of Christ as we were studying Biology? 🙂

I think Heavenly Father teaches us little lessons such as this when our hearts are most receptive. Had I not been humbled and open to the whisperings of the Spirit that morning, I probably would have missed the connection that testified to me once again that Christ lives and that he truly is mindful of me. It was a carefully timed lesson for me. There truly are no coincidences!

Walking is such a soothing activity. I like to take the kids on walks daily because it helps rid our tired bodies of the grouchies that invade in the night. Beauty surrounds all of us and nature helps us appreciate that.

You’re so right Amber. I know another wonderful mom (like yourself) who has a strong testimony of the power of nature and the opportunities for lessons that it can teach in the lives on young children. She’s always got her children outside and turns out it also provides for very clever, charmingly written posts (and very funny pictures). I think you’d really enjoy her blog:

Thank you all for your sweet comments (and keep them coming!) I have felt so edified by your responses. My husband was awed at as I read your comments to him and remarked that women think so meaningfully. I love this medium for sharing and creating friendships and uplifting one another. I feel very blessed to have you all as friends and to know that my love for nature is shared by each of you.

Working in my NW yard in the spring and summer felt like I was sitting in the middle of a giant orchestra. It seemed to me that the songs of the birds in the forest around me were perfectly in tune with one another, playing their part like the instrumentalists play their individual line, blending into the whole. I can only think that God himself is the conductor.

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