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Happy 50th Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa

Posted on: August 22, 2010

This July I attended a family reunion where we celebrated the 50-year marriage of my father’s parents. It was so sweet to celebrate their special union. The following is a tribute I wrote to them.

I recently read a blogpost in which building a strong marriage was likened to building a castle. To me, the symbolism seemed entirely appropriate, having descended from a legacy of strong marriages. The author (my mother-in-law) suggested we “be patient and vigilant in building a secure marriage for castles are constructed one stone at a time.” In my experience, wen you first marry, it’s like you are jumping at the seems to build that castle. If you were careful, you’ve laid a solid foundation; both of you worked hard on yourselves before you met. You’ve carefully placed the cornerstone and given that castle something sturdy to sit on. But you might come with different ideas for a floor plan or ideas of what a castle is like. Sometimes the day is hot and musty and lifting stones to build a castle just doesn’t seem worth the effort. But when you get to the top; when you finally finish the gorgeous edifice and see the view from way up there, it will be breathtaking. Along the climb up, at each turret, you will have to stop and catch your breath for the beauty of it. Others who visit your castle and see what you’ve created will be astounded and blessed by the experience. You’ll leave behind a legacy for generations to defend and appreciate.

This is what you leave for us: a beautiful, strong romance that we can use as an example in designing our own blue prints. “A natural desire and commitment to constancy; an innate attitude and aptitude” for strong marriages has been bred into my parent and thus into me, because of the example of loving and committed parents. Because you both chose to be good and to be good to each other, all your posterity will be blessed. It took both of your continual, sweet efforts to build the great edifice to which we, your descendants, now all unconsciously base our actions on. Thank you for building a family centered in Christ from a marriage sanctified by His Holy Spirit. Grant and I love you. We are ever grateful for you.


3 Responses to "Happy 50th Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa"

Very beautiful tribute. Thanks Bri!

I’ll make sure G & M Atkinson see this.


I’ve written it all out by hand (and included pictures for them) and I’m planning to mail it off to them to include in their anniversary scrapbook today. So no need. But thank you!! 😉

Wow. You’re going to make grandma cry you know ;).
That was very well written. Makes me excited for the day when I can start building my own castle and honor their tradition!

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