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Shedding a Little Light

Posted on: August 22, 2010

(Written August 4th, 2010)

This morning Grant woke up to a thunderstorm and couldn’t sleep. His fidgeting awoke me at 5 am. We cuddled and listened to the rain and thunder. It was so beautiful. Then we heard something moving around in our window-well (we live in a basement apartment). I had Grant go and grab a flashlight. It illuminated a sweet little bird who was trapped in the well. I cooed and loved at it and wished it were not 5 AM so I could go ask Brother Riddle for a net to save it.

As I shone the light upon it, it drew closer and closer to the window. I’m sure it couldn’t see me . . . only the light. I think it was comforted.

Finally Grant pulled me away from the sweet image before me, promising we would help our new little friend in the morning. Suddenly we heard a chirp (the first our friend had uttered). I raced over but the bird had gone, flying off into a graying dawn. I cannot help but think that the comfort it felt from the light, just knowing there was light, led the little guy on into the morning sky.

Sometimes I’m stuck in a window-well and scared of the storm and the dark. Then someone shines the light of Christ so purely that I can see my situation better. I take comfort and I am able to fly back out, refreshed, into the new day.


4 Responses to "Shedding a Little Light"

Thank you sweety for always enlightening our lives with thoughts such as this! I think my man brain thought to it self, “Oh good! Glad it got out! And now I can go back to sleep too!” Just kidding.

I know we will be able to reflect on this analogy when we feel trapped in some way and use it to teach our children! I love you!

What a sweet and tender analogy, as well as imagery!

It was a sweet and tender experience.

That was absolutely beautiful sweetie

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