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Sugar and Plastic

Posted on: August 23, 2010

For our entire courtship and marriage Grant and I have had a major disagreement about one very important thing: Twizlers or Redvines. Finally I could take it no longer. Without disclosing my opinion on the subject, I put it to vote on facebook. I opened the debate up so anyone could comment and after 74 responses on the subject, the poll was cast in favor of Redvines 2:1. So while I still lovingly supply my husband with his beloved red plastic, I feel justified in occasionally buying myself some “real” licorice.

P.S. I realize that neither contains any real licorice plant and have yet to try licorice that does. Feel free to supply me with the experience; I have no objection to receiving candy from strangers. 🙂


8 Responses to "Sugar and Plastic"

I’m with you, Bri. Redvines are the real licorice.

Thank you Amber 🙂

I don’t really like candy now. But when I did, I preferred Twizzlers over Red Vines. One, because they were chewier to me (and I liked that for whatever odd reason!). The other, how can you not like the name?! My brother nicknamed a girl at school Twizzler and I am still jealous of that nickname. 🙂

That is a cute nickname!!

Look, Bri, there’s only one true licorice….BLACK. (I hope that doesn’t make me racist in any way.)

LOL. 🙂 My mom had some marionberry licorice with her this summer. That was interesting.

Vote Twizzlers. Maybe it’s genetic.

I think it more likely that you corrupted them from a young age. 🙂

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