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Posted on: August 24, 2010

Today I have been preparing for Grant and I to take off on one last hurrah before going back to school on Monday. Our plan is to leave early tomorrow morning for Bear Lake in celebration of our 2nd wedding anniversary on Thursday. For some reason I found myself becoming more and more anxious the more I packed and thought about our upcoming adventure. Here I was preparing to go relax and all I could feel was stress … why? I texted Grant and told him how I was feeling in an attempt to understand where it was coming from.

He responded with the following: “Oh my love, everything is going to be alright! I’m sooooo excited for our trip I can’t even tell you! This is important and special and worth everyday. I’m going to take good care of you!”

I suddenly realized that I had subconsciously been worrying that I would be unable to relax. What a funny thing to worry about! As I thought about all the fun things we might do for our vacation, I was worried that I would be filled with anxiety over the coming start of school. We have prepared in every way we can for the new semester. Grant and I always have so much fun on our trips away together. My fears were unfounded and yet they were there. It made me wonder, does anyone else find themselves working hard to get away and relax and then struggling to actually do so?


11 Responses to "Vacation??"

Oh, Bri, I don’t even view vacation as relaxing anymore. The packing, the setting, everything is so hard for me to take in. I’d much rather have a stay-cation with the kids in their separate rooms and unlimited take-out. I know, it’s awful!

But. I do try and have a good time because I know Ben enjoys vacations. He lives for them. We are opposite in this aspect, he becomes anxious on the return home and I am anxious on the trip out. I guess that’s why we balance each other out so well. : )

I’m taking a vacation to relax, too. And as I kept trying to come up with plans, I realized that making plans was only adding to my stress! I’m glad you have someone who will take care of you. Have a great time!!

Yes, we ended up throwing a lot of plans out the window and just flying by the seat of our pants. Surprisingly, it was much less stressful this way. 🙂

Oh yeah! Most the time I worry about what I will forget to bring, then I worry about what I’ll forget to bring home. Lists are very helpful here, and let my mind let go of the details.

On vacation, I find I like to play hard, and I end up over-planning, then needing a vacation from my vacation. I am almost sure it is a type A trait.

good luck relaxing. Don’t through your cellphone in the lake.

Cell phones are safe. 🙂 We really took this vacation to relax and didn’t overplay or plan much of anything really. It was nice.

I always need a vacation from my “vacations.” To me and Morgan, a vacation is staying at home without anything specific to do. Just hang out for a couple of days. That is rejuvenating. Everything else are “trips” for us, which are fun but exhausting. I often feel anxiety before trips, but really enjoy them. Well, enough about me, me, me. I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing, rejuvenating, unforgettable vacation that gets you ready for school!

Thanks Sara Lyn. It ended up being super relaxing and super fun. We did a lot of sleeping in and laying around and it was nice to do it away from home too. 🙂

Wait until you have 7 kids and a van filled to the brim with camping equipment. In the UK, they call it “holiday”!

he he… can’t wait. Then when we want a vacation from our holiday we can just drop them off at grandma’s for a day, eh? 😉

Happy Anniversary baby pie! I love you!

😀 😀 Thank you loverpie!

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