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Face to Face with facebook

Posted on: September 4, 2010

I feel like I have read post after post, article after article, and even watched video after video on debates about facebook and other social media sites. I have heard advocates of social media quote statistic after statistic followed by rebuttal after rebuttal from those who abhor (or even fear) social media.

I’ve linked below to just a few of the resources that have got me thinking about this topic, but it seems to me that most of the people doing the arguing are not the people who will be affected by decisions made about social media. Those affected will be my generation, those who are students now and will be students in the future; those who will go on to lead the world in the face of incredible advances in technology; those who are growing up in the internet culture right now.

So to you I pose this question: what do you think? In the true spirit of social media, why not ask you friends what they think? What do you think about the use of social media? What are the pros and cons? What are your fears or convictions? What do you think about the integration of social media into institutions like education or politics? It’s happening now all over the place… real-time collaboration of ideas. It’s what I am asking you to do with me as I compose this post in my kitchen while snacking on “real” licorice (ie. Redvines). Tell me what you think or link to other’s thoughts. Is social media going to change the way we think of institutions, of relationships, of learning? Has it already?

Here is a link to a video full of fascinating statistics about the current use of social media.

Here is a video about companies allowing their employees to access to social networking at work (or banning it).

Here is a post (that’s right, blog post) about the use of social media in higher education by one of my professors.

Here is a rebuttal to the above blog post by another professor at BYU.

Here is a story about a principal sending out an email urging parents to ban their kids from social media sites.

Here is a video interview with that principal along with rebuttals in captions.

and here is a fun video for all you social media addicts.


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