Bri Colorful

Expansion (a poem)

Posted on: September 10, 2010

Dedicated to momsie, who taught me how best to love by loving me and to my loving husband, who is my only sunshine.


By 5 p.m. a drooping flow’r,
battered by hail, wind, and tears
face, finding you, I gain the pow’r
to open up to one who hears,
and as I spin out all my cares
I find I’m recreated by
the shared experience we have,
the care you give; I cannot lie,
I’ll grow towards you until I die.

‎”When we are listened to, it creates us, makes us unfold and expand.”

Karl Menninger


2 Responses to "Expansion (a poem)"

Bri Colorful…..I am the drooping dandelion this morning (can a person be over-watered?)….Your tender poetry and meaningful dedication has perked my sagging petals. I am reassured by the Spirit through my daughter that I am effective in the Lord’s work of loving others as long as I listen. Love and listen. That is all I have to do and all I really know how to do and it’s all He wants me to do and all that people need me to do. Yes, I can do that. I am revived.

Aww I love this! Beautiful analogy, very well done dear 😉

Third line confuses me…”face finding you”…?

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