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Posted on: September 13, 2010

My husband and I have joined a Digital Civilizations course. It’s probably one of the most fascinating courses I have taken at BYU and is a mesh of what I love and what Grant loves so it’s pretty perfect. Since we joined the class a little late, we’re hoping on the bandwagon with the latest assignment which was to learn about an online tool and teach someone about it. Because we were too late to be assigned to groups, we just taught each other.

Grant taught me about What I understand is that dropbox is a way of what is called cloud computing. My layman’s definition of cloud computing is that we used to mainly store things in networks and very concrete places and now more and more we’re storing stuff in the great nebulous (or cloud) that is the internet. That’s exactly what dropbox is: you can literally drop files (pictures, documents, etc) right to a little “box” on your desktop and it stores them on the internet. Then if you install a box on another computer, you can access those files from a different location; why? Because they’re stored in the cloud!

I taught him about It is basically a big storage place for free audio files. So if you are doing the dishes or folding the laundry and want to listen to a podcast about “How to Protect Flood-prone Homes” or an audio version of a book, this is your site. You can also upload urls to audio files that you have found. I was excited to recognize one donator of recordings, librivox. I’ve listened to a few of their audio books which are recorded by volunteers who come in to read books who’s copyright has expired. I can imagine myself using this resource while I’m working on routine tasks at home to continue life-long learning even after my formal education has finished.

A fellow class-mate also pointed us to a resource for making online flashcards to quiz yourself with: It even allows you to play games to test yourself right on the site. There are so many amazing resources out there that can lend support to learning!


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Alright, I’ll share one like dropbox called Use it to store on the cloud but email a link to receivers of your share. Very useful for mailing files too big for email.

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