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At the Ball

Posted on: October 4, 2010

Today I feel a little like Cinderella after the mice have helped her get all dressed up for the ball and then her step-sisters tear her dress to shreds. A professor gave me a great grade on a recent paper and then asked if he could share it in class. Though a bit intimidated, I was honored that he thought it worthy of class discussion. However, when I left class today, my carefully crafted ball-gown was in tatters.

I must say, I think I kept my chin up rather well during the painful ordeal, despite my nerves at the outset. I was offered all sorts of “constructive criticism” as they dissected my first three paragraphs sentence by sentence for forty-five minutes. A few of the comments were helpful: a lift here, a tuck there. I understood where they were coming from. Others wanted to change the paper entirely leaving callous tears in the garment and making me feel entirely exposed. The nervousness I felt would not allow me to defend what the mice and I had enthusiastically created.

After class, I wept over the pitiful product, embarrassed that I had ever thought it beautiful. Ah well, there will be other dresses and there will be other balls.


7 Responses to "At the Ball"

Just don’t stop writing. I had the same thing happen with a personal essay I thought was absolute genius and everybody else hated it. It kills me still. Stupidheads.

ha ha. I won’t. 🙂 Thanks for feeling it with me!

Alright my dear. This amazingly well-written post just proves your detractors completely insane. Anyone could tear apart Woodsworth, Browning, or Longfellow if they wanted to and believe me – if their professor had just held them up as a great example – classmates would have ripped them to pieces as well (to try to prove their academic superiority to themselves and their professor –who, remember, chose YOUR work and gave you a great grade!) Your gown is gorgeous in original and if you want to nip and tuck – that’s your business — but as for me and my house — we do not see the need! It’s a perfect fit and perfect to dazzle the handsome prince (as long as he is not a fellow know-it-all English student.)

Thank you for loving me the way I am, mama bear. 😉

I was going to point out that I am grateful for a prince who loves my gowns and the girl wearing them and never criticizes either. There really is no place for criticism in marriage is there? I’d love to read a monapost about that!

I love your positive outlook at the end, but I do sympathize. I’d like to point out, though, that at least the professor gave you a good grade! My torn dress experience was in 6th grade, when my teacher read BOTH essays I write in a test to the class–with the purpose of ridiculing how poorly written they were. I’m grateful she did it anonymously, and I know they weren’t great. But still–it hurts when others laugh and tear like that. What a good analogy for that. But I agree with Mona–your writing is wonderful!

You are right. It hurts. I think if I were a teacher, I’d try to focus a little more on how to do the right things instead of what was wrong. I think we learn more effectively when we get something right then when we get it wrong. Then again, I’ll never repeat some of the mistakes I’ve made that were pointed out in past essays.

Writing is so subjective anyway. Learn from the feedback what you will, but throw the rest of what they said away. And you are a wonderful, wonderful writer. I absolutely agree with Aunt Mona. People could tear down any “great” author if they wanted to.

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