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A Plea for Roddy

Posted on: October 5, 2010

Kartchner Family

Please follow the link to this article to help close friends, Wendy and Roddy Kartchner. I know Roddy personally. He taught my husband and I to ballroom dance before we started dating.

He has been hastily and injudiciously charged with crimes he did not commit. He has been “locked up in a Clark County, WA jail cell for 526 days to date, while [his] family has worked to raise the funds for adequate legal counsel.”   He’s 51, has no criminal record, strong ties to the community and just about the sweetest disposition you’ll ever encounter. The turmoil he and his family have encountered for the last few years is absurd, much less unethical and unjust.

An investigative reporter wrote an article about Roddy’s situation.  The more views this article gets, the more attention will be drawn to it, and the more likely we are to bring his prosecutors to justice.  Please support him by visiting


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