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A Response to Lyrical Ballads

Posted on: October 13, 2010

My book club group decided to read a collection of romantic poems by Colridge and Wordswroth entitled Lyrical Ballads to get a better feel for romanticism. I really enjoyed sampling most of the poems and really diving into a few of them. I’ve created a slideshow presentation of my findings from my reading.


My very favorite poem from the collection was “The Tables Turned“. It is short, so if you have a second read it. It’s Wordsworth reaction against book learning by turning to what he considers the source of knowledge and joy, nature. Pretty sure I agree with him, but not sure if that’s because of true conviction or the dull ache in my head from reading too much for school.

*presentation created at and then uploaded to


5 Responses to "A Response to Lyrical Ballads"

Sooooooooo cool honey!

How neat that you could upload that! Technology will never cease to astound me. I’ve heard the first stanza of that poem before. Out of context, I didn’t like it. But with the whole thing, I can very much understand its sentiments–especially after much studying!

Hmm… I think there is so much to learn from books, but I agree to a point. It’s like people who text while there are other people in the room. Pay attention to the human beings you’re with! Don’t get me wrong. Texting can be wonderful. Just like books. Just so’s you don’t ignore the reality behind the text/books.

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