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Little Neon Talismans

Posted on: October 13, 2010

My name is Bri, and I’m a post-it note addict.


My Costco Size Package


I’m afraid it’s true. Post-its polka-dot my house like haphazard wall paper. They are reminders, meal plans, shopping lists, ideas, favorite quotes, inspiration, love notes, etc. I’m sure some of the ones more romantic in nature embarrass our visitors, but I don’t have the heart to take them down. My favorites stay up for a long time; I look at them often  and they give me hope, like little neon talismans. Some I take down after they’ve been up for a little while and store in notebooks for later reflection. I especially enjoy rereading Grant and my love “note” book.

Then we installed Windows 7 on our computer and they have post-it notes for your desk top. Suffice it to say that my desktop is so littered with reminders, lists, and favorite scriptures that you cannot see the lovely picture in the background. And if you ask my coworkers, they’ll tell you I pass notes and reminders on post-its everyday. I wonder what they must think of the crazy post-it lady at work.

It’s funny because there is not even the semblance of order in the post-its on my wall, but when I take the time to file them away, I find categories to put them under. It’s a little like life in the present versus life in memory. In the now, it’s haphazard, like the posts on my blog — ahem, sorry. But one day I’ll tag them all, sort it all out, and remember fondly.


8 Responses to "Little Neon Talismans"

You’re a post-it note addict, too?! I thought I was the only one. One of the first gifts Morgan gave me was a flower and a bunch of post-it notes. I thought it was romantic that he knew me so well!

Oh my goodness Sara Lyn — another thing we have in common . . . we are soul sisters! 😀 That picture is from my last birthday when Grant totally surprised me with a gift of post-its. It was my favorite gift!! LOL

I could not function at my job without these little magical things.

Okay….now I’m wondering WHO REALLY is your biological mother? Are you SURE it’s not ME?!!!!!!! oh dear….I’ve passed on the post-it disease… and there is NO cure I know of!

I LOVE the sticky notes on my desktop too! They are so handy as reminders!

If it weren’t for the sticky part, I would love post-it notes. I can handle tape a little better, so I have scrap pieces of paper with all those things taped up everywhere. Although, my scriptures are full of post-its, so maybe I can be an associate member of the club.

I heard that post-its were originally created for scriptures, because someone wanted bookmarks that would stay in his scriptures but not rip the pages if he took them out. I say… you’re in. We’ve got jackets! 🙂

I want a jacket! Where can I get one?! 🙂

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