Bri Colorful

Painting with a Mouse

Posted on: October 27, 2010

We had to learn a bit about computer art for my digciv class. Basically it’s any art (image, music, video, game, etc) that used a computer to help create or display it. I’m thinking the lines are getting a bit blurry here though. Relatively little art that is part of my daily life was untouched by a computer. Think about it. How much art do you daily partake of that doesn’t have to do with a computer? It’s a little scary.


2 Responses to "Painting with a Mouse"

The line is definitely getting blurry, especially with computer animation and CGI. I just put up a post about digital art that should interest you. And one of the pieces is an algorithmic representation of Zabriskie Point!

Does this include the books I read since they were put together by computer now? If so, nearly everything I do is touched by a computer. If not, well…

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