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Midterm Reflective Post for DigCiv

Posted on: November 12, 2010

I feel pretty confident in my undertanding of the prominent themes and ideas we’ve studied since the last midterm. On my blog I’ve written about many of these themes, events, and people and their works. For example, I wrote a post about Jung and his theories and connected them with modern literature; I wrote about a post about Charles Babbage’s Difference Machine. I also wrote about theme of romanticism in two posts (Beyond Comprehension and A Response to Lyrical Ballads) and tried to give examples of principles from this historical period. Another example of my focus on a theme from this class is my post on Turner’s Frontier thesis. I’ve written about events from the course too in my post about the atomic age.

I’ve also connected these historical themes to basic computing concepts and characteristics of digital culture. My post on Turner’s Frontier thesis connects this historical concept to the idea of the internet as a final frontier. Beyond Comprehension responds to Katherine Hale’s post on the internet as the sublime. When we studied economics I chose to focus on something discussed in class about the current micro-finance situation in Kenya.  In Fear Based Fiction I compared the sci-fi B movies of the ’50s to popular sci-fi movies in our digital culture.

I’ve noticed that my use of digital literacy tools from this class has bled over not only into my self-directed learning in this class, but into other’s as well. I’ve used new features of tools like GoogleDocs and GoogleCalendar to help me manage and direct my own learning in planning and writing for not only this class, but others as well. These tools have helped me generate media for this class (ie. a slideshare presentation on Lyrical Ballads) and others (ie. prezi presentations and screen shots of information found on the internet for other classes). The tools that doing digital literacy labs have given me have assisted me in guiding my own learning beyond the classroom. I’ve also connected with other students in and out of class to collaborate on assignments, support one another’s learning, and coordinate study groups and group projects. In one instance I used googleDocs to create a group study guide for a test. In this class I created class internet flash cards for our upcoming exam. Another time we coordinated a meeting place using a group planning feature of GoogleCalendar. I’ve also searched for information in different places than google, for example, reading up on Frued and Jung from a Prezi presentation. I’ve used blogsharing sites to share and connect my learning to others and promote my blog. All in all, the tools I’ve acquired through this course have facilitated my own personal learning beyond the classroom doors.


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