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Reflecting on Brandon’s Outcomes in DigCiv

Posted on: November 12, 2010

Brandon shows a good understanding of the historical currents we are studying in three solid blog posts: one on computing and intelligence, one on economics,  and one on the Atomic Age, the last of which really demonstrated his self directed learning because he actually found an article from the library that helped him connect what we were learning about the time period with technology today.  His understanding of computing concepts and digital culture is much more thorough, as he dedicates a significant amount of space on his blog to his study in this area. One really solid example of this is his post on internet security. In reading Brandon’s posts I can tell he dedicates a significant amount of his study time to guiding his own learning and searching out resources that will build his understanding. He connects to a lot of other sites and references articles that he has looked up in all of his posts. What I would’ve liked to see more of is evidence of the new digital tools Brandon is acquiring to support his learning and build his digital literacy. Also, he could’ve used a few more posts on the historical aspects of the course. Good job Brandon!


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