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The Weirdness of Washington

Posted on: November 12, 2010

While reading The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman for a British Literature class, my fancy was so tickled by something he said about the British that I could not help reflecting on and writing about it. He had earlier mentioned what a strange lot the British are and how odd their characters are. Quoth he: “[that the] strange irregularity in our climate, producing so strange an irregularity in our characters, doth thereby, in some sort, make us amend, by giving us somewhat to make us merry with when the weather will not suffer us to go out of doors, — that observation is my own; and was sturck out by me this very rainy day, March 26th, 1759” (52).

I’ve heard many people joke about Washington suicide statistics (which are rather high) and attribute it to the weather (for the uninformed, the name “evergreen state” is attributed to Washington because of the inordinate amounts of rain which it receives). The statistic always bothered me to be honest. The rain never made me want to harm myself in anyway. I love the rain. But I do suppose that you could say, and as previously stated, it tickles my fancy to do so, that our weirdness is a result of and blessing in consequence of all the rain. I have no qualms about being “weird,” just about being “suicidal”. ha ha


2 Responses to "The Weirdness of Washington"

I love rain, too.

People always give me strange looks when I stop to enjoy the sound and feel of raindrops. At the same time, I give people strange looks when they complain about the rain. I have long felt that rain is a gift to me from heaven, sometimes coming in my most desperate times. It was unsurprising that I miss the rain most of all when not in the Evergreen State!

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