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Call for Feedback: School Tools 2.0

Posted on: November 13, 2010

Some classmates and I are creating a site with pages of information about different web 2.0 tools students can use boost their education. We met today to talk about the creation of our little monster.

We decided the goal of our site was to help students improve their digital literacy and thus gain tools for use in improving and sharing their knowledge. We all feel so glad we’ve learned about these tools that help us to learn more efficiently and thoroughly that we want to share. So we’re creating a blog. The main page will have a list of all the posts (the title of which will just be the tool that is described in the post), a tag cloud of all the categories (categories will say define what the tool can be used for or is. i.e. share or Prezi), and a list of the most popular/ most highly rated tools on our blog. Then each post will give a short description of a tool, tell how it can be used in education, the cost (usually free), and links to tutorials/ success stories on fellow classmates and other people’s blogs.

We’ve ask our fellow classmates to contribute what we’ve called “digital literacy labs” from throughout the semester where they give tutorials or success stories on their blog. This is a collaborative document I created where anyone can post an idea for a tool they’d like to see on our site, a link to a tutorial or post about it, and the name of the author of that post or tutorial. If you’re interested in helping us out, or just in seeing what we’re doing, please check it out.  There is also a list (created by my professors) of web2.0 tools at the bottom of the document that you might be interested in checking out.

Today I created a to-do list for our group so we can get going on this project which is due December 2nd. We’re still trying to think of a clever name for our site and your suggestions are welcome, now that you know what it’s for. We’d love any feedback you can give us on our ideas. I’ll keep posting more about it as we go.


1 Response to "Call for Feedback: School Tools 2.0"

I love Wordle. If anything because of its name! It’s fun to run it for my blogs occasionally–just to see what I talk about. 🙂

It looks like a really good list. I’d suggest something, but as you’ve already listed some I’ve never heard about, I think you all are on the right track! I look forward to reading more about them. Good luck!

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