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Just a Drop in an Ocean

Posted on: November 13, 2010

Last night, Grant and I went on a date that I’ve been looking forward to for weeks. Somehow, we missed DisneyNature’s Oceans when it was released in theaters this year and my fascination with the ocean and everything beneath it (discussed previously on this blog) left me feeling like this was an incredible loss. Luckily, the Harold B. Lee Library on campus was showing it free of charge last night as part of their documentary series.

Here is a favorite clip of what is called a blanket octopus. It actually looks like an exotic scarf floating in the water.

Here is a clip (though not from the movie) of one of my favorite creatures we learned about last night: the leafy sea dragon.


He's so cool looking, isn't he?

Commenting on the plethora of silly-looking creatures beneath the ocean’s surface, the narrator said, “Down here, it’s like nature has given everything a try.” Grant and I giggled as I imagined aloud the preexistence, with all of us little kid co-creator-spirits painting haphazzard portraits of ideas for fish and then turning to Heavenly Father and saying, “What about this one?” … POOF! Hence, the cuttlefish.

See what I mean?

There were so many amazing moments in that movie. I would recommend it to anyone. Learning about the ocean makes me feel so small and yet an important part of a great big plan by an incredible Creator. If He can design fish perfectly blended to their environment to keep them safe, He can give me the talents and strength required to meet the challenges I will face.



1 Response to "Just a Drop in an Ocean"

The sea dragon is related to one of my favorites–the sea horse! I was a happy girl when I bought myself a stuffed sea horse (with babies!) from the Chattanooga aquarium 3 years ago.

I love your idea about the co-creator spirits. That made me laugh–but it so could have been that way!

This puts me in mind of SaraLyn’s video she posted recently. That octopus was SO cool!

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