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Hug a Baby

Posted on: November 30, 2010

I wrote a friend this morning to tell her what a crazy dream I had about her. I couldn’t get the dream out of my head for most the day, so I’ll share a little of the contents of that letter here:

“I think [the dream is a] combination of three things: 1. I read President Monson’s talk about gratitude right before I went to sleep. 2. I admire you because you always seem so happy about life. 3. I have a head cold.

Anyways, don’t freak out… but in the dream you started rolling down a hill. You kept falling and falling and falling and then the hill turned into a cliff! I was yelling for someone to help, but there wasn’t anyone around. Then you rolled right over the cliff and down and down into this canyon through the air (we’re talking grand canyon size here). Amazingly, you did not die at the bottom though you were a little worse for the wear. Then you cried for a second. Then you got back up and started climbing! You climbed all the way back up. When the news crews asked you about it, you were holding [your daughter] on your hip and told them you were so grateful for the experience. I was totally baffled.”

I’ve decided I need to make a few changes in my life:

1. I need to be more grateful (even for the times when it feels like I’m falling).

2. I need to get rid of this terrible cold.

Maybe I should just follow what my friend got out of it.  She wrote: “I’ll have to remember this for when something unfortunate happens.  Let me see if I got this right:  Fall with style, cry a little, climb back up, hug a baby.  Got it.”   te he. She makes me giggle.


2 Responses to "Hug a Baby"

This made me happy 🙂 lol

Great dream. I love your interpretation. And hers. We had a great Sacrament Meeting on gratitude this week and our bishop actually had a similar experience. Fell off his two story roof and landed feeling grateful. Thanks for sharing!

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