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Fire Hydrant

Posted on: December 7, 2010

That’s why my Digital Civilizations classmates and I have been building knowledge base of tools that help us filter that information; consuming it, creating it ourselves, and connecting it to other information. On Thursday night, we’ll be presenting on a variety of projects that have increased our digital literacy and we think can increase yours.

My group has created three different formats of a website that gives tutorials/ explanations of different tools you can use to consume, create, and connect information on the internet: a blog, a wiki, and a flash prototype (to be finished soon).  Examples of some tools that we have written about that will boost your education into the digital age are listed below: – create online flashcards in seconds vs spending hours handwriting them or going through old notes. You can also find previously made flashcard sets for the subject you are studying. – make more engaging presentations than your average PowerPoint slideshow. – free online storage. – read that assignment faster with this nifty tool that helps you speed-read without taking the time to learn how. – bookmark, highlight, and add stickynotes to anything on the web and store it for later use or share it with someone else. – gather and organize information and notes; store them on the web for later retrieval.

There’s so much more. Come learn about it at our event Thursday night from 7-9 in JKB 3108. It’s open to the everyone, whether you’re a student, professor, or just curious. If you can’t make it in person, join us at our live broadcast on Thursday at 7 at

P.S. Did anyone else notice it’s snowing on my blog? It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!! Just 10 days till we’re done with the semester and getting out of Provo!

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2 Responses to "Fire Hydrant"

OHhhhhh wish I could be there! These tools sound amazing for students but I think I could use them myself! Anyone could, right? You will just have to teach me over Christmas break…my own fire hydrant!

It was a great event, and so good to meet you.

Do you love Prezi, or what?

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