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Baby Z is reacting terribly to anything processed so mama’s diet consists of eggs, chicken, fresh fruits and vegetables, yogurt, etc. He/she doesn’t like bread or sugar and especially not chocolate. Grant said many people would be grateful to be forced into a healthy diet like this. I retorted that “they only think they would. It’s like Satan’s plan. I don’t even get the option of sinning” — really, I can “sin” but the repentance isn’t worth it. It’s like fire and brimstone!


Grant was getting me a water. The gentleman with the knobby nose sitting next to me took advantage of his absence to commandeer my attention with stories of “when he was a kid like us.” After the other gray haired ladies and gents had safely found their seats, the lights were dimmed. My husband seemed trepidatious as he took his seat. He hadn’t even heard of this Errol Flynn movie and wasn’t sure I would like it. He’d already introduced me to Captain Blood and Robin Hood on two other occasions, and I had really enjoyed them. Besides, judging by the fact that we had to be FORTY minutes early, just to find two seats together before those folks who were two generations ahead of us had taken them all, I was sure it was popular.

The slides started. First we watched two serial movies from the WWII era about a hero called Spy Smasher. The short films had a Saturday morning cartoon feel, though they were live action. The hero wore a cape, goggles, and even the superhero underwear-over-pants thing and repeatedly leapt cat-like at the villians to take them to the ground. At one point he climbed a fence to hop onto a low roof. I was so reminded of the films that Grant and his good friend David made when they were childhood friends. They were always chasing each other around, jumping off roofs onto trampolines and other silly things boys do. They continued the tradition and made another short film while we were engaged which I have posted below (Warning: it makes no sense. They made these movies for fun as kids whenever they got their hands on a video camera.)

Ah.. I think you have to go to YouTube to watch the clip, but it is short.

When the actual feature started, The Sea Hawk, I peaked over at Grant and realized he was on the edge of his seat. I half expected to suddenly see him ten-years-old, instead of the twenty- something man I married. All that swashbuckling, heart-thumping adventure and he was done for. I was impressed by the movie but in all honesty, I was much more captivated by the man-turned-boy sitting next to me. The movie was much like an adventure he would’ve made up as a kid (with perhaps a few plot twists he might not have thought of at eleven, but still…). I half expected him to leap out of his seat and show Errol Flynn how piracy was really done! He was under a spell the entire night and couldn’t stop talking about the film after the show had ended.

What is it about my husband turned sauntering charlatan that had me delighted, giggling like a little girl? I think it must be the same thing that gets me every time I see him chasing kids around making them giggle or letting them tie him up and claim him as their prisoner. Good men have this inner child that can’t help but bubble up to the surface when the occasion calls for it. Do you have a closet cowboy in your life?

A flawless glass was given me
with which to view the world,
but the world I view is void of light
and my glass provides an imperfect view
of distorted shapes.

1 Corinthians 13:12

(Written in response to an article entitled Why the Church is as True as the Gospel by Eugene England.)

In case you’re wondering what the above title is referring to, that would be days of pregnancy. You see, they tell me it’s supposed to be about 40 weeks long, but saying I have only 27 weeks to go gets me too anxious excited so I figure 189 is a more rational number. It’ll help keep things in perspective until Little Zabriskie (commonly referred to around here as L.Z. or L.Zed – to be fair to his/her grandparents in England) makes their debut performance.

To be honest, I’ve been a little terrified about how to make this announcement so I’m afraid I will downplay my excitement and people will think I am heartless or something. This is my first child people! I’m going to be a mom!! (hyperventilating) Seriously, my hands are shaking while I write. I want to tell every person in person, but I can’t. However, if this is how you’re finding out, please now how much Grant and I love you and are excited to introduce you to our new addition.

Look what we made

A friend suggested I post this with the caption "look what we made" but it just didn't feel right considering it's not our baby and we won't have pictures for a few weeks yet. But he/she is a cutie huh?

So there. I did it. I told you all we are pregnant. Yes, I’ve been a horrible little secret keeper for three months, but truly, Grant and I could hardly contain our excitement. Neither could my family. I’m amazed my 10 year-old brother could keep it quiet since Christmas when we told them.

To say they were excited would be a serious understatement.

L.Z. is due July 20th and we’ll keep you posted about further developments. We plan to find out the gender (and get pictures) in 49 days or so.

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