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91 down, 189 to go

Posted on: January 13, 2011

In case you’re wondering what the above title is referring to, that would be days of pregnancy. You see, they tell me it’s supposed to be about 40 weeks long, but saying I have only 27 weeks to go gets me too anxious excited so I figure 189 is a more rational number. It’ll help keep things in perspective until Little Zabriskie (commonly referred to around here as L.Z. or L.Zed – to be fair to his/her grandparents in England) makes their debut performance.

To be honest, I’ve been a little terrified about how to make this announcement so I’m afraid I will downplay my excitement and people will think I am heartless or something. This is my first child people! I’m going to be a mom!! (hyperventilating) Seriously, my hands are shaking while I write. I want to tell every person in person, but I can’t. However, if this is how you’re finding out, please now how much Grant and I love you and are excited to introduce you to our new addition.

Look what we made

A friend suggested I post this with the caption "look what we made" but it just didn't feel right considering it's not our baby and we won't have pictures for a few weeks yet. But he/she is a cutie huh?

So there. I did it. I told you all we are pregnant. Yes, I’ve been a horrible little secret keeper for three months, but truly, Grant and I could hardly contain our excitement. Neither could my family. I’m amazed my 10 year-old brother could keep it quiet since Christmas when we told them.

To say they were excited would be a serious understatement.

L.Z. is due July 20th and we’ll keep you posted about further developments. We plan to find out the gender (and get pictures) in 49 days or so.


7 Responses to "91 down, 189 to go"

Hooray!!! Congrats! I had my suspicions just based off Facebook but eee I am so happy for you guys. Keep me posted or I’ll cry.

We’re one day ahead of you in England basically, so does that mean July 21st?! NOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo!

Beautiful 🙂

lol i know im gonna be an uncle everyone she is my sis

Aw, love the family photo! Congrats and hang in there!

Yay! Wonderful!! Congratulations and good luck!

This is a little belated, but I LOVE your face in this picture! You crack me up.

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