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Force-fed Repentance

Posted on: January 31, 2011

Baby Z is reacting terribly to anything processed so mama’s diet consists of eggs, chicken, fresh fruits and vegetables, yogurt, etc. He/she doesn’t like bread or sugar and especially not chocolate. Grant said many people would be grateful to be forced into a healthy diet like this. I retorted that “they only think they would. It’s like Satan’s plan. I don’t even get the option of sinning” — really, I can “sin” but the repentance isn’t worth it. It’s like fire and brimstone!


7 Responses to "Force-fed Repentance"

Not even bread!! Oh, Baby Z better start being a little kinder to mother. Not that I LOVE bread, but it does seem to be a staple in life.

My sympathies!!

Wow? Chocolate? And bread? I believe the first thing that went for me was salad. Heh.

Not a dramatic bone in her body.

Bri, I’m doing the power 90 eating plan, and it sounds a lot like what baby Z likes. Have you ever tried Swiss Chard, or Bok Choi? Wow, I cant believe i have lived this long with out these greens. The are so much better than normal cabbage, spinach, green beans, etc. There are some great recipes here.

alright you.

I like bok choi but usually have it in stuff. You’ll have to send me some recipes.

I feel your pain! This little Baby B won’t let me eat sweets at all either…the consequences are dire. But hey, it gives me an excuse to try out cooking new things with new ingredients! 🙂

We’ll have to share recipes sometime. 🙂

Kids keep you on the straight and narrow right from the start!

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