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Man of my Dreams

Posted on: February 12, 2011

I just woke up. I don’t know why I feel such a compelling need to share my dreams with you in this way, but truly, they are the most creative things I come up with (in my sleep … of course). My husband, Grant, walked into the room right as my alarm went off this morning, and I think my expression must’ve been something like a toad’s, because he was already laughing. Then I told him my dream …

“You, David (Grant’s best friend), and I went to one of those ridiculous Utah movie theaters that not only sells over-priced candy, but also has restaurants and little shops inside and that advertises the most ridiculous deserts you’ll ever see…” ( …and I might add, that Grant and I would never buy… 1. We can’t afford it. 2. We’d probably both be so sick afterwards that it wouldn’t be worth it. Grant didn’t eat a ton of desert growing up and my baby is so adverse to sugar that it’s unrighteous). [Here Grant nods because he knows exactly which “ridiculous Utah movie theaters” I’m talking about.]

“David wanted you to try a drink called “The Spicy Flamingo,” so we all headed over to one of the ridiculous little desert huts so you could each get one. Before I even knew what a “Spicy Flamingo” was, I heard the lady ringing up your total. ‘NINE DOLLARS?!’ [Grant chuckles]. ‘Grant, you can’t buy a drink that is NINE dollars!’ I was nagging you; it’s true. But seriously… NINE dollars?! You would NEVER. . .” [Grant is laughing hysterically.] (See! I’m telling the truth. Grant would never buy a drink for NINE dollars.)

“And then… you SHRUGGED and said, ‘Your water will cost just as much.'” (Oh No! This is a nightmare now. See Grant is seriously so respectful that even when I really do nag him, (Hey, working on it.) he would never respond so callously… so why is my subconscious mind making him the bad guy?) [Again, Grant laughing and thinking “no wonder you looked like a ticked-off toad when you woke up.”]

(Oh, it gets better.) “Then you went to get the drink… and what is a “Spicy Flamingo” you may be asking? It’s a red spicy drink FULL of candy! Seriously, the cup is so full of candy corn and other cheep candy that you can hardly fit any of the spicy drink in!” (At this point in the dream, I’m huffing with my arms folded burning holes into my dream-man’s head.) [Again, Grant laughs at my subconscious creativity.]

“I was so fuming in my dream that I went off to see another movie while you and David went to some super-hero flick.” (Something else Grant wouldn’t want me to do: go off mad and alone. The guy knows my imperfections all too well.)

“The dream ends with me muttering under my breath, because I’m lost in the maze of a theater and staring angrily up at a HUGE advertisement for RIDICULOUS looking funnel cake that one of the restaurants in the theater offers.” [Grant is sitting on the edge of our bed laughing so hard he is crying and telling me I have to write this down before I forget it.]

Before I was married, I dreamt of being swept off my feet by the most romantic man in the world. Now I’m lucky enough to be married to the most romantic man in the world… so what is wrong with my subconscious mind?!


1 Response to "Man of my Dreams"

Your subconscious really is creative! I enjoyed this re-telling. Makes me feel less odd for the odd dreams I have had.

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