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Poetry in Process

Posted on: February 16, 2011

I found this post I drafted in September of last year and never posted. I hardly remember writing it. It’s not terrible; but not exactly anything to brag about either. I think I remember hating it immediately after writing it. But it should not go to waste, so here you are. I’m open to suggestions for a title or ideas on how to improve it.

In times o’ergrown with rust and ignorance,
A gainful trade the clergy did advance.
When want of learning kept the laymen low,
And none but priests were authoriz’d to know,
When what small knowledge was, in them did dwell,
And he, a God, who could but read or spell,
Then Mother Church did mightily prevail.
She parceled out the Bible by retail,
But still expounded what she sold or gave,
To keep it in her power to damn and save.
Scripture was scarce, and as the market went,
Poor laymen took salvation on content,
As needy men take money, good or bad;
God’s Word they had not, but the priests they had.

When past an hour, data is unsure,
The university keeps knowledge pure.
Collaboration of the mass of men
Cannot compare to educated pen.
Peer-review and painful process work
To make sure your citations you don’t shirk.
Want of employment keeps the student low,
To those who give degrees they, then, must go.
The price alone of daily time and toil
You’d think would be enough to buy the spoil
But knowledge asks a higher price today
Tuition, dues, and textbooks you must pay.

A click of mouse brings information… still,
For valid knowledge, you must pay the bill.


2 Responses to "Poetry in Process"

I like it. This poem made me ponder my decision to return to school- not out of doubt for my decision, rather to remember my reasons of paying the “higher price”. Thanks for sharing!

Its interesting the switch between verses and how you tie the ideas together. I love the idea behind this…ironic and tinged with a slightly biting sarcasm, it definitely makes you think. I think I shall have to talk to you about this one in person. Yes. I shall.

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