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Dear Mom

Posted on: February 17, 2011

Dear mom,

You deserve a shrine.


Here and now I take back every rebellious thought, word, and action. Remember that time I toilet papered the bathroom?  And when I made fun of pictures of you in the 80s?  And when I threw tantrums or said how no one could possibly understand how I feel? Or how about my entire fourteenth year? Can I take those back? Please.  Before karma takes it toll.

Every time I thought you didn’t love me, I should have recalled how you ate food to sustain my life when food was your worst enemy. You ate things you didn’t even like. I gave you gestational diabetes, and you had to stop eating your major food groups: Wonder Bread, cookies, chocolate….  You endured like a saint and then had five more kids after me!  I don’t think one day a year is enough to celebrate you. I vote we celebrate you once a month. You’re amazing.


Your pregnant daughter (with the stomach flu)


5 Responses to "Dear Mom"

I have always thought MOMs should be the ones to get the cake and birthday cards each year!

Oh Bri!! You are just determined to make me laugh and cry til I lose bladder control (another thing I lost after 6 pregnancies). lol You are awesome, and I love to hear your unique perspective of life, the universe, and everything, especially pregnancy!
I love you! And it really is worth every difficult, forced down bite!
Love, Mom

Hehehe I love this! And I second it! 😉

Oh my–feel better! And that right soon!

(And for me, it was my 14th and 15th year I’d like to take back. And maybe a couple of others. How I wish we could have known that some of that awfulness which was me was medically related. And my poor mother endured the 6 kids BEFORE getting the monster that was/is me.)

What a great appreciation we have for our moms when we struggle like they did. I was watching old movies of me as a baby tonight and loved my mom even more as I watched her hug and kiss me.

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