Bri Colorful

SMALL Triumphs

Posted on: February 26, 2011

– cooking chicken on the stove without setting the fire alarm off
– keeping the sink dish-free ALL day
– getting the laundry completely clean AND folded BEFORE Sunday hits
– getting all my homework done
– making my husband laugh so hard he cries
– going an entire week without morning sickness (yeah baby)
– visiting my sisters, talking with my moms
– eating all fresh, amazing food (and feeling super good)
– having quiet, undisturbed “communion with the Lord” time in the morning
– exercise
– a perfect hair and makeup day (I know, vain right?)
– getting my singing part down for the A Cappella Jam (March 11th at BYU – come see me!)
– making it almost halfway (and counting) through my first pregnancy
– getting my visiting teaching done
– being visit taught and just talking laughing with other women in general

but BEST of all….

feeling that baby wiggle all day long and smiling with tiny tears of joy at the corners of my eyes every time.


9 Responses to "SMALL Triumphs"

An absolutely wonderful list!!! Yay for so much happiness! The 11th, you say? Maybe I can come down for that!

It would be wonderful to meet you! Let me know if you do end up being able to come. (It’s $5 door price for tickets and there will be a bunch of really fun groups performing including BYU’s premiere A Cappella groups Vocal Point and Noteworthy.)

Bri Colorful, I have only one problem with this post — the title. Why “SMALL” triumphs?! These are MAJOR triumphs for ANY woman but ESPECIALLY as young and pregnant and busy as you are with school, work, home and calling! Bravo!!!! Enjoy the next few months – you will really feel “together” until about summer time when the scale and the thermostat overwhelm you and THEN…well, then…everything breaks loose for a good while after. Just remember: it’s okay that the house is a toy box for 10 years. The BEST 10 years. On the tough days ahead, when laundry has hung around for two Sundays and the dishes have been on hold for several days – just pull out the secret weapon: Your Mother-In-Law!

ha ha… because Baby Z is SMALL! LOL… though I suppose a cantelope isn’t exactly small, is it? Growing bigger every day! 🙂

I didn’t mean to insinuate that I had actually accomplished all of these, just that they’re the things that make me feel slightly triumphant. LOL. I thought of them when I finished folding the laundry and cooking an amazing chicken meal at the same time. 😉

Oh… and only 10 years for a toy box? You do know your son keeps covertly mentioning our 7 children, right? 😉

I agree with Mom Z. These are some major accomplishments, particularly when you consider all that had to come before to allow you to have these type of experiences. We are so very proud of you and the example you have set for your siblings.

Thank you dad. You and mom are very well acquainted with the weaknesses I have had to overcome. I feel very blessed to be able to live the life I do. But I cannot forget that I did not get myself to this point; many hands and hearts helped me, most of all my Lord and Savior.

Every single one of these triumphs is huge! You are doing important things.

BIG accomplishments. Also, perfect makeup and hair is not vain. We are often told to keep ourselves well maintained so why is it that when we want to really adhere to this that we feel guilty? It’s only vanity when it consumes nearly all your time.

I am SO glad morning sickness is going away!!

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