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A photo really is worth a thousand words, huh?

As I was writing my last post and trying to decide what photos of my husband to include I came across a ton I wish I could have used. I decided to just create another post of photos of him that make me smile.

I think he looks marvelously dashing all dressed up for church

Being silly, something we love to do together

His Fred Astaire impression ... sigh

Hiking is something we love to do together. This is in Kolab Canyon.

On a tour with a group he sang with, Vocal Point. A Cappella music is a vital component of who my husband is.

Grant and I entertaining our nephew last Christmas with a "cooking show"

 Memories fuel romance.


My Husband

Posted on: May 29, 2011

After a long, frank discussion with another couple today about marriage, I feel like I cannot hold back this post. I have made a study of my husband, since I first met and admired him during the Christmas holiday of 2007. My journal entries when he befriended me early in 2008 are full of his praise and wonder that someone so special would show me special attention. At first, I thought his kindness to me was a natural part of his charity. Truly. He continued to show more and more admiration for me, and all I could feel was gratitude that someone I held in such high regard could love me like he did.

One of our first dates - hiking Multinoma Falls

I remember our first marital disagreements. We do not always agree on everything, though I believe we took great pains to make sure we agreed about “the big things” before we decided to marry. I was heartbroken in those first months that we should disagree about anything, though now I recognize that those differences in personality and opinion that make us individuals contribute greatly to making one another better. I remember my first reaction in those moments of frustration was to try to write down, through tears pouring down my cheeks, all the things I loved and admired about him, as a reminder to myself — call it my first attempts at self-therapy.

As we spoke with this couple today, I was trying so hard to pinpoint in my head or my heart, what it was that keeps my husband and I united, even in times of trial and frustration, and through marvelous “intellectual debates.” There are so many “little things”: Read the rest of this entry »

It took a while for even my techie husband to figure out how to extract stills off our ultrasound video, but we finally found the time to tinker with it and get them (about 10 weeks later). So here’s some stills of our little guy at about 20 weeks for ya. Enjoy! We certainly do!

Isn't he adorable?!

Can you see his little foot to the left there?

Pretty sure he hiccuped here 🙂

Week 32

Posted on: May 25, 2011

Just a few weeks left till I deliver and I am super ready for classes to end. I’m loving the courses I am taking but 9 credits in Spring term keeps me on campus for a good portion of the day and I am getting to the point in pregnancy where this is just not ideal. For example, I just woke up from a nap in an armchair in the library where I had a dream about steaming hot muffins. Now I have a theory about pregnancy cravings — they’re all about the power of suggestion. And do you think BYU campus carries said pipping hot morsels that the pregnant lady is now ravenous for? Hmmph.

Photo courtesy of Pan y Varios | flickr

Also, after class today I started having shooting pains in my lower abdomen and possibly some braxton hicks contractions. I wasn’t ubberly comfortable to put it mildly so I decided to do what the doctor advises when this happens and 1st. Go potty 2nd. Have a BIG drink of water and 3rd. lie down for an hour. This worked great for the pain but I’m not so convinced in this treatment because by the time I got up an hour later I had to urinate so badly I could hardly walk the 15 feet to the nearest restroom! I tell you this to humor you — imagine this: poor, starving for muffins pregnant lady, hobbling as quickly as she can to the restroom burdened down by the books she’s been studying and the 3-4 pound fetus sitting on her bladder. There, don’t tell me you didn’t at least smile. 🙂

My husband showed me a video from Humor U (a comedy troupe on campus) the other day. The comedian said she loved pregnant ladies and imagined the following conversation between a pregnant lady and her friend.

Pregnant woman: So, what did you do today?
Friend: Oh, ya know, went to work… ate some Cheetos. What about you?
Pregnant woman (completely deadpan and nonchalant): I grew a human being . . . . . with my body. [shrugs]

Hope you’re smiling as big as I will be when I get me a muffin!


Posted on: May 24, 2011

With all the issues with blogger of late, I have decided to take my school posting for the day here (good ol’ reliable WordPress). A personal experience led me to a way to use what we learned yesterday about library databases to search out more information on a subject. Mona recently posted about her world travelling experiences and what she has observed about the influence a parent has on what a child becomes. The post reminded me of a debate we are having in one of my English theory classes about how the community we grow up in influences how we interpret a text and our opinions, beliefs, and unconscious worldview itself.

Photo courtesy of adihrespati | flickr

The most striking theory on the subject, for me, comes from a man named Louis Althusser. I had heard interpretations of two of William Blake‘s poems using Althusser’s theory of Ideological State Apparatuses in a Romantic poetry course and was intrigued by the kernal of truth I found in them (that our ideology is heavily influenced by the institutions we grow up subscribing to). I decided to learn more about this guy. Read the rest of this entry »


Posted on: May 14, 2011

I have decided that in order to function as a pregnant woman taking 9 credit hours at BYU, I need to carry around a personal electric full power fan and a candy dish of Tums. Know what I’m saying?

Photo attributed to freedryk at flickr

I have a team of people in my life who seem to work together to make it perfect while I am not looking. I shed a tear and one of them is there with a tissue (or depending on the severity of the situation, a Ben and Jerry’s). Something goes kaput in my life, and I find out these people have collaborated to fix my problem. These people are my mama, my sister, and my husband. I don’t mean to be exclusive. I have been extremely blessed by many other people, but when I just need to vent, I know I can count on one (or all) of them to be there.

I’ve noticed something interesting about these amazing people in my life. They are all somewhat alike. Now I realize that because my sister is my mother’s daughter, this is not terribly surprising. But the fact that I chose a husband who also possesses similar traits is fascinating. I look up to these three people more than anyone else. They are patient (beyond reason), kind, tender-hearted, hilarious, and just plain beautiful. Plus, they usually agree with me and that makes them all geniuses. I am especially grateful today to have such an awesome trio by my side.

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