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My Support Team

Posted on: May 12, 2011

I have a team of people in my life who seem to work together to make it perfect while I am not looking. I shed a tear and one of them is there with a tissue (or depending on the severity of the situation, a Ben and Jerry’s). Something goes kaput in my life, and I find out these people have collaborated to fix my problem. These people are my mama, my sister, and my husband. I don’t mean to be exclusive. I have been extremely blessed by many other people, but when I just need to vent, I know I can count on one (or all) of them to be there.

I’ve noticed something interesting about these amazing people in my life. They are all somewhat alike. Now I realize that because my sister is my mother’s daughter, this is not terribly surprising. But the fact that I chose a husband who also possesses similar traits is fascinating. I look up to these three people more than anyone else. They are patient (beyond reason), kind, tender-hearted, hilarious, and just plain beautiful. Plus, they usually agree with me and that makes them all geniuses. I am especially grateful today to have such an awesome trio by my side.


4 Responses to "My Support Team"

You ARE blessed. I lived far from my mommy after marrying for years and years and had no sisters growing up. I’m thankful to have my husband’s sisters now and most of all – my daughters and daughters-in-law!

I feel lucky that trio fixes things in my life too. I don’t know what I’d do without them.

Always nice to have such wonderful support! I’m glad you have 3 amazing people like that–especially as you finish school and prepare for your first baby. Whew!

Awww You’re my support group too 🙂 I love you Nana! ❤

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