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Photo Essay: My Husband

Posted on: May 31, 2011

A photo really is worth a thousand words, huh?

As I was writing my last post and trying to decide what photos of my husband to include I came across a ton I wish I could have used. I decided to just create another post of photos of him that make me smile.

I think he looks marvelously dashing all dressed up for church

Being silly, something we love to do together

His Fred Astaire impression ... sigh

Hiking is something we love to do together. This is in Kolab Canyon.

On a tour with a group he sang with, Vocal Point. A Cappella music is a vital component of who my husband is.

Grant and I entertaining our nephew last Christmas with a "cooking show"

 Memories fuel romance.


5 Responses to "Photo Essay: My Husband"

Well, I personally thought him exceptionally handsome since he was about 21 inches tall.

Great pictures! Fun memories!

Very dashing, indeed!

Cooking show and Fred Astaire – sweeet! Fred Astaire should have had a cooking show! Wouldn’t that have been fun . . . . . and if only he could sing the recipe instructions to us in a capella. Grant . . . . I think I’ve found you’re new profession!

oops – I meant “your” – sheesh

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