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I just finished looking at posted grades for Spring semester, and I am sorry to say that despite my best efforts to skip classes and assignments and put forth as little effort as possible, I was still not able to lower myself to a C-average. My husband claims that I just didn’t try hard enough or give myself enough breaks. Honestly though, I really do feel like I put forth my worst effort while still having a reasonable feeling of responsibility to each class. I didn’t even do the reading or assignments for two whole weeks in each of my classes, and the semester was only eight weeks long! Still, I am sincerely sad to say that I didn’t manage to get below a 3.5. I don’t know how people do it. I honestly don’t say it to brag. I’m very disappointed in myself. I thought I would do much worse what with pregnancy fatigue and baby preparation. Maybe I need to let loose a little, but I think I know the true source of my failure:

I blame good teachers.

If they would just care a tad less about their students and not push us so hard and mold us for the future. I just can’t understand it.  We go in expecting to be bored to tears, write a few essays, and leave with nothing but a letter grade to show, and instead they inspire, uplift, and motivate us to reach beyond the four walls of the classroom and apply our education in innovative ways. I suppose it is my fault for going to BYU. My professors here have been unacceptably exceptional. I just don’t know what to do with myself.

Photo by Oberazzi

For example, I just received an email from a professor who I have taken a number of courses with here praising my work during the semester that ended a week and a half ago and encouraging me in my future. I include a paragraph from the end of the email here:

As you enter the greatest phase of your life, parenting, you go well prepared with a fine education and great habits to sustain you and ultimately to give shape to the minds and souls of your children. I hope to keep up with you as you continue to consume, create, and connect. Thanks for re-upping for another term with me. I only wish I had more students with your ability and maturity. Take care and good luck! – Dr. Burton

Now, I ask you, how are students to go on being apathetic drones, mindless of the future and unenthusiastic about their education, with such personal, attentive, and caring teachers? The thing is, I am absolutely positive that every single student in this professor’s class received the same personal attention and praise throughout the semester and in a concluding evaluation email. It’s not special treatment. Teachers like this just care!

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Then there’s that fifth grade teacher that forever rid me of my ability to half-complete an assignment. Here I was, a happy little fourth grader, content with my C-average, and she spent the entire year building up my confidence in my abilities and forcing me to re-do assignments until she was sure I had done my very best. I remember one instance in particular where I was to stay after school for an hour making sure my math homework problems were readable, that the numbers lined up, and that each problem had the correct solution. Where did such enthusiasm for helping people help themselves come from? If I could remember her name, I’d write her a letter of complaint or nominate her for a Best Teacher in the Nation award or something.

So, the truth is I just cannot take the fall for such good grades. It’s not my fault, really. I did put forth a concerted effort to do poorly, but I was too easily inspired by the enthusiasm and care of good professors. Perhaps I was weak to give in to their encouragement and passion for learning. Maybe I should opt for distance learning …

[note: if you cannot read the sarcasm with which this post is dripping, please do not comment and berate me for my ingratitude. I am sincerely grateful for good teachers which is, in fact, the point of my little exercise. Sheesh]


Oh no, my professors have done such an excellent job that I am now wondering if I should be double checking this post for grammatical errors. Nope … I’ve got baby clothes to fold. See! I can rebel!



Posted on: June 10, 2011

  • Carrots (and ranch) – pretty much the whole first trimester this was the only thing I could consistently eat and keep down. I have done best with “rabbit food” for most of the pregnancy
  • Watermelon and motzerella cheese – yes, together, but not in the same bite or anything. Just some watermelon and a 1/2 cup of graded motz on the side. This was also a favorite during the first trimester.
  • Turkey – warm, soft, roasted. Maybe cause it was around Thanksgiving when I was struggling the most to find things to eat and turkey sat well.
  • Strawberry/ yogurt parfaits = salvation for most of my pregnancy
  • Frozen corn – a vegetable, not a starch. Hurrump!
  • Raspberries – when these babies went on sale, I was first in line
  • Honey-dew melon – seriously can NOT get enough of this. I have bought one every week for the last month and a half. The funny part is, my dad is allergic, so we never had this growing up. I had probably had it twice before being married and wasn’t particularly enamored of it or anything. Right now, it is my favorite food.
  • Muffins – the best are grainy wheat germ muffins with fruit in them and applesauce in them to make them soft. Fresh from the oven … mmmm … [shudder of delight]
  • Salads – I can’t get enough salad lately either. Grant wants tacos or hotdogs for dinner and all I can think about is salad. Good thing we have a garden box FULL of lettuce and spinach (why does it always taste better homegrown?)
So, I am not sure all of these were “cravings”  — some were just in the “all I was able to keep down” category for a while, but they are what I have eaten the most of so far (week 34). I believe the last four definitely count as cravings though. They have the “Oh my goodness, I want this right now” feel to them. Speaking of which … I think I’ll go have a muffin and some honey-dew for breakfast. . .

Three things:

1. I have come to the conclusion that the number one symptom/ public enemy #1 of pregnancy is gravity. (It is the cause of so many other symptoms.) “Could someone please come pick that up for me?”

2. After reading about swelling in pregnancy (thankfully I have not … yet), my husband said to me, “I’m glad you’re not a puff mommy.” Affronted, I replied, “You better love me, no matter how poofy I get!”  He backtracked very quickly. 😉

3. Today my husband and I were discussing the wonderful absence of clouds in our Provo sky (finally). Giving voice to one lonely cloud, I pretended to ask, “Are you my mother?” Grant replied, “Nope, I’m not white, poofy, and full of water.”  This was such an accurate description of pregnancy that both of us burst out laughing. So, pregnant women are like clouds.

Some of my pregnant homies and me *

*Photo courtesy of Supertin | flickr

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