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Pregnancy Anecdotes

Posted on: June 2, 2011

Three things:

1. I have come to the conclusion that the number one symptom/ public enemy #1 of pregnancy is gravity. (It is the cause of so many other symptoms.) “Could someone please come pick that up for me?”

2. After reading about swelling in pregnancy (thankfully I have not … yet), my husband said to me, “I’m glad you’re not a puff mommy.” Affronted, I replied, “You better love me, no matter how poofy I get!” Ā He backtracked very quickly. šŸ˜‰

3. Today my husband and I were discussing the wonderfulĀ absenceĀ of clouds in our Provo sky (finally). Giving voice to one lonely cloud, I pretended to ask, “Are you my mother?” Grant replied, “Nope, I’m not white, poofy, and full of water.” Ā This was such an accurate description of pregnancy that both of us burst out laughing. So, pregnant women are like clouds.

Some of my pregnant homies and me *

*Photo courtesy ofĀ SupertinĀ | flickr


7 Responses to "Pregnancy Anecdotes"

hmm… I could probably extend that cloud analogy. lol

Here’s a few more analogous points: both burst into tears, sometimes unexpectantly, both hover expectantly, both should be watched carefully by attentive men for signs of storming, such as lightening and thunder. Most importantly, both bring life to the spheres they touch. Hang in there, and remember, the cloud gets heaviest and poofiest just before the water breaks forth and brings that new life.

How did I get such a cool dad?

And let’s not forget the silver lining…

Dale and I used to call it my “fluffy mommy body”….

I love it – the #1 enemy is gravity. Great! Made me laugh.

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