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Posted on: June 10, 2011

  • Carrots (and ranch) – pretty much the whole first trimester this was the only thing I could consistently eat and keep down. I have done best with “rabbit food” for most of the pregnancy
  • Watermelon and motzerella cheese – yes, together, but not in the same bite or anything. Just some watermelon and a 1/2 cup of graded motz on the side. This was also a favorite during the first trimester.
  • Turkey – warm, soft, roasted. Maybe cause it was around Thanksgiving when I was struggling the most to find things to eat and turkey sat well.
  • Strawberry/ yogurt parfaits = salvation for most of my pregnancy
  • Frozen corn – a vegetable, not a starch. Hurrump!
  • Raspberries – when these babies went on sale, I was first in line
  • Honey-dew melon – seriously can NOT get enough of this. I have bought one every week for the last month and a half. The funny part is, my dad is allergic, so we never had this growing up. I had probably had it twice before being married and wasn’t particularly enamored of it or anything. Right now, it is my favorite food.
  • Muffins – the best are grainy wheat germ muffins with fruit in them and applesauce in them to make them soft. Fresh from the oven … mmmm … [shudder of delight]
  • Salads – I can’t get enough salad lately either. Grant wants tacos or hotdogs for dinner and all I can think about is salad. Good thing we have a garden box FULL of lettuce and spinach (why does it always taste better homegrown?)
So, I am not sure all of these were “cravings”  — some were just in the “all I was able to keep down” category for a while, but they are what I have eaten the most of so far (week 34). I believe the last four definitely count as cravings though. They have the “Oh my goodness, I want this right now” feel to them. Speaking of which … I think I’ll go have a muffin and some honey-dew for breakfast. . .

4 Responses to "Cravings"

So cool that you have been craving healthy things! This post makes me hungry and is giving ME cravings–except for the carrots. Food poisoning with those 4 years ago and I’m still “recovering.”

I liked the melons when I was a kid. I developed the allergy in my late 20’s.

Boy it sure must have been nice to only crave healthy things! hehehe

Till the last few weeks anyways… Right before I delivered, the Arby’s and Oreo cravings kicked in. Lol

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