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Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

Posted on: July 18, 2011

‎”Pure love is an incomparable, potent power for good. Righteous love is the foundation of a successful marriage. It is the primary cause of contented, well-developed children.” Richard G. Scott

Dearest Mom and Dad,

Happy Wedding Anniversary!

I owe a lot to the pure love and commitment that you have worked so hard to show each other throughout your marriage. I think it is the secret to your success as parents. You both have sacrificed so many other pursuits in your commitment to each other and to family, and I am so grateful. Thank you for dedicating your time, your home, and your hearts to one another and for all the ways that marital bond blessed me and all my siblings as children.

Thank you for the thoughtful gifts you gave to each other, the importance you placed on time spent alone with each other, and the ooey-goeey secret looks at each other that I was sometimes privileged to espy… You showed me what it means to cherish each other.

Thank you dad for mowing the lawns, completing outdoor projects, building whatever mama needed, going to work every day, taking us kids on outings and letting mom have personal time, organizing us children in endeavors to help our mother, and so much more. Thank you mom for making our house a home, teaching your children with such dedication and persistence, for shopping, making meals, cleaning, making special meals just for dad, supporting dad in everything he chose to do, and so much more. …. You showed me what it means to serve each other.

Thank you dad for saying the icky romantic stuff in front of us, especially when you praised our mother and made her smile. You showed me what it means to romance the heart.

Thank you mom for teaching us to listen to our father and obey him and reminding us what a wise and cool dad he really is by speaking fondly of him. You showed me what it means to respect.

Thank you both for all your efforts to raise us, protect us, teach us the gospel, fill our home with the spirit, and shape us into kind, thoughtful individuals. For every family home evening, for every family day out, for our Saturday chores, for our family projects, for our vacations and road trips, for singing together, for every holiday and workday, thank you for showing me what teamwork and family mean.

Thank you for showing me what a happy marriage was so I could recognize and aim for it myself. Thank you for your example. Thank you for putting in the work and unselfishness that marriage takes.

I hope today you will take the opportunity to remember every reason you fell in love and every reason you’ve stayed in love.

Happy Anniversary!

I love you both and I love who you are together.

True love deserves to be celebrated …

and just look at the fruits it produces …

3 Responses to "Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad"

And thank you Bri for this beautiful tribute to your parents.

Happy happy day to you both! Thank you for being such a fine example to the wife of our son!!!!

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