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All We Needed was a Move

Posted on: September 2, 2011

We met with a financial counselor yesterday to figure out the best plan for our financial future. We walked in with our new baby to talk about our new job and he commented on the fact that we had two major life changes all at once. I told him he didn’t know the half of it. In the last few weeks, Grant and I have had a baby, a graduation, a wedding (Grant’s sister Hannah), a vacation, a new job, and our three-year wedding anniversary! The man laughed and said, “Did you move too?!” Thankfully we are still living in the same familiar and comfortable place, but we did have the carpets replaced! 😉

I think we Zabriskies must like to get all those major life changes out of the way at once. For example, when I married Grant, we moved (my first time moving away from home), started new jobs, became independent of our parents, and started classes at the Y all within about a month … Oh yes, and embarked on the journey of blissful newlyweddedness at the ages of 20 and 22. I don’t know if smashing all the life changes into a tight period of time is necessarily the best way to go about things, but it certainly makes one feel extraordinarily blessed and a tad bit crazy.

Anyways, now Grant is cheerfully employed full time as a Web Designer for the Harold B. Lee Library, Bracken is five weeks old, Grant has graduated from BYU with his bachelors, we had a wonderful trip up to Washington state to see Hannah sealed to her best friend and sweetheart Ken (Hannah made every second of the car ride up with a fussy newborn worth it with how incredibly happy and beautiful she looked that day), and we celebrated three wonderful years since our own wedding day.

Here again is a conglomeration of pictures in no particular order of these events:















12 Responses to "All We Needed was a Move"

Awww! I am so thrilled for you two! Having a baby is amazing, hard, and everything else you’ve ever heard.

Congratulations on your three-year wedding anniversary!

Happy anniversary! And oh, Bracken is so cute. Stop it, you’re making my uterus twinge. And I don’t even have a uterus anymore. Sheesh.

Oooh Kris. Uterus twinging sounds painful. 😉

That is a lot of change for you in a short amount of time. I think Morgan and I believe in having YEARS between each life change. I graduated, later got a job. Morgan graduated, later got a full-time job. We STILL don’t have our own place or many other things. I think you took all our life changes!!! 🙂 Good luck!

I think if I had more say, I’d take the changes a tad slower, but I can’t complain about where the changes have landed us in the end.

🙂 I can’t complain either. We are very blessed.

Sometimes I really crave change, and when it doesn’t happen I feel stale and yucky. Enjoy all of it and let each step teach you something.

Thanks Karen!! 🙂

Change gets a bit tricker and takes more and more of a toll the OLDER you get, let me tell you. I respectfully request that my children keep their poor old mother and father in mind when they are tempted to cram the momentous into one little space on the calendar (in the future). And if you could all be so kind as to coordinate births, baptisms, moves and job changes – we’d be so grateful (and will live longer)… 🙂 The good news is that we DID survive the summer and that we are the envy of all our friends (with amazing babies and brides and bachelor degrees now on our parent/grandparent resume). Oh. And we’re very very happy.

Ha ha. We’ll get on that. Guess we need a family calendar on top of our family photo folder online.

Grace under Pressure exemplified! Keep up the good work.

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