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Getting to Know You

Posted on: September 3, 2011

There… Now you’ve got that lovely song stuck in your head as well. 🙂

Grant and I have noticed three dominant traits in our little guy’s personality thus far: curiosity, determination, and hunger.

The first makes sense. He’s new to this world so naturally he’s anxious to see and learn all he can about it. His curiosity was evident from just a few moments after his birth when they placed him tummy to tummy on my chest, and he lifted his head to try to look around. He’s been gaining more and more control over this part if his body ever since in order to turn and look at whatever he likes, whether he’s lying on his tummy or sitting up on someone’s lap. (yes, we do still cautiously support his head and neck).






His quick development of this skill is also evidence of this kid’s determined spirit. His Grammy and his daddy noticed at just two and a half weeks that if they put him on his tummy and put pressure against the soles of his feet, he would push himself forward, one leg at a time in a sort of army crawl (minus any coordinated arm movement) all the while grunting like a constipated old man. Daddy loves to play this game with him when he gets home from work each day. Bracken’s expression and sounds during these games are so focused and determined-looking.



The last trait, hunger, is a given I suppose but Bracko takes eating to a new level. He often eats frantically as though he thinks he will not have enough time to take in his fill. He is a terribly messy eater so when he pulls off he has a darling milk mustache. And though his cute little smile is not social yet and thus cannot be provoked by play or our own smiles, several times when he has been laid on my lap for mealtime, that smile has appeared as if in anticipation of the breast-milk coma he is about induce.





We look forward to getting to know him more and more. Thus far, he is an extremely cheerful little guy, and we are grateful.

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2 Responses to "Getting to Know You"

I love watching babies’ personalities. So fun to hear about Bracken’s!

The breastmilk coma picture is priceless!

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