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Posted on: April 2, 2012

The tree trimmers came today and hacked away at our yard. As you can see, they’ll still need to come get the stumps, but the difference is substantial!


Location for vegetable and herb garden


Location for squash garden


Thinking about putting the green teepee here (we've gotten permission to take that dilapidated old grill and propane tank to the transfer station.

 A live oak had dropped several saplings along the side of the house and one wild tree looked positively possessed and threatened to take over the back corner of the house (you can see the stump in the last picture). The trimmers hacked it all away. As they worked, light flooded into places it had not visited in years. As they trimmed back bushes, flowers were revealed and given more space to thrive. I couldn’t help thinking of how analogous this is to life. I often allow my life to be overtaken by wild trees, simply allowing seedlings to drop and grow where they land. Every once in a while, I need some trimming… lots of trimming. And when I take a chainsaw to my carelessness, I let in light… lots of light, so that I can grow in all sorts of ways.

Let there be Light!


3 Responses to "Let there be Light!"

propane tank is good for an exchange. Dont pay to dump it, just use it as a spare on your grill

Purposeful living! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

Going wild with PURPOSEFUL LIVING!

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