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All In a Day’s Work

Posted on: April 5, 2012

Yesterday, Kristi and I began our first attempts at transforming the garden space, while Grant was out of town.


(That wheel barrow ended up being a very good purchase. Light enough that Kristi and I could lift it into her truck together and tilts to become a dustpan so we didn't have to lift shovel after shovel-full of rocks into it.)




Cheerleader from the sidelines (he was actually asleep most the time).


We kept working till Auntie Kristi smashed her toe between a wheel barrow full of rocks and those cinder blocks. Not a happy experience. But B-boy took good care of her (shown below).


She highly objected to being photographed, obviously. 


We still have about half the rocks to go (another truckbed full) and we need to get it done before noon Saturday, when our wonderful farmer/ ward member is coming over with his industrial strength rototiller to help us break up the ground (now nice is that?). I think Kristi will sit this next half out though. 😉

Things are starting to take shape and I can really imagine the end product in my mind!


3 Responses to "All In a Day’s Work"

Loooooking good! Bravo you two!! Can’t wait to see the end product. But I think B-boy needs more toys on his blanket next time…. 😉

Look at that baby!! So blonde and so handsome!

And good job working on the garden space. I have vowed (like every slacker Mormon woman) to only plant things in pots. The ground and I don’t work well together.

I’m trying a little bit of both: ground, pots, and even raised beds. We’ll see how it goes.

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