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What I do in my “Spare” Time

Posted on: April 27, 2012

It’s been a week since graduation, and I am not even close to settling into some sort of routine. Life has not slowed down much, though it is nice to choose what I do with nap-time and have a few less deadlines. I thought I’d post about a few of my projects. 

  • My amazing mother-in-law Ramona (you may know her from her award winning blogs: Mona’s Gospel Musings or Mona’s Musings with a Hint of Romance or even the play she and her husband wrote and produced, With Mine Own Hand) is in the process of an entirely new enterprise which she has entitled WIFE-4-LIFE. She has researched over 35 books on marriage and romance and countless articles, blogs, and websites of professional counselors, mentored many young married women, and is currently presenting “Understanding, Supporting, and Appreciating the Men in our Lives,” a presentation she created in connection with this project, all over the Northwest U.S. and Canada. She has also started writing a book, WIFE-4-LIFE: The Power to Succeed in Marriage, which follows her own experience (one of turning a marriage on-the-rocks into one of 30+ years that inspires others) in an attempt to inspire, as well as instruct, women how to make their marriages S.P.A.R.K.L.E (an acronym you’ll want to learn more about). Her book gained the attention of a top literary publishing agent in New York who thinks it could be an important book in the market, but cannot get publishing agencies attention because Ramona is neither a Ph-D nor a celebrity. BUT this agent advised mom that if her Twitter, Facebook, blog, and website could gain wider attention (meaning more followers) that would change everything. I’ve read bits of the book and heard her speak on the subject and believe me, she is an important voice in this discussion, the mother-mentor that so many young women are missing. Thus one of my projects is working with my husband to help her create an online marketing campaign to gain support for her book. Stay tuned for more information, because I’ll be posting our process here. 
  • I’m going all out with our garden. My sisters, Kristi and Traci, and my husband and I have put dozens of hours into it already. I’ll do a post with pictures soon. 
  • Researching Digital Folklore (one of my passions from school) and posting about it here. (If you want to see how I got interested in the subject and my previous research, check out my school blog). 
  • And I’m starting in on my long-neglected reading list (I know, ironic for an English major, but there it is). I’ll try to post reviews here as I read. If you want to keep up with what I’m reading and network with what you’re reading, check out my goodreads account (also a widget in the sidebar). 
  • Come fall, I’m excited to start in on Grant’s grad school reading with him. Since we’re both interested in similar things (enhancing education through the use of technology), we’ll both get a lot out of his degree. 



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