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Garden Update – Raised Pallet Gardening, Potted Carrots, Hardening Plants, Homemade Tomato Cages, and a Green Teepee

Posted on: May 3, 2012

It’s been about a month so I thought I’d do a quick update on how our garden in progressing. After finishing removing all the rocks with my husband when he returned home, we asked around for someone in our ward with a rototiller. Brother Jerome very kindly obliged. It was quickly apparent that this guy has a much greener thumb than I do. He apologized for coming late because he had been delivering some baby goats (how sweet!) and his rototiller is industrial size.


Look at that monster!

Granto tilled up both plots in minutes. Thanks for letting us borrow it Brother Jerome!!


Here’s what the plots ended up looking like when we were finished.


While my sisters were in town, we decided to go get materials for some of the projects we were going to work on. We went to Lowes for all our pots and stakes for the green teepee. We went to the transfer station (the dump) for free tires to grow potatoes in (still haven’t completed that project though) and industrial pallets for our raised strawberry beds. Our favorite place we went was Mc Coards Garden Center over by the Provo Municipal Airport. We didn’t know what to expect but that place is huge! I loved Kristi’s face as we drove up to it.


I have to put a plug in for Mc Coards here. They were so great. They only sold BIG packages of black plastic, a ton more than we would need and it was priced beyond my budget. I asked if they had any packages with less, and the gal went and found some used white yard plastic and gave it to us for free. Nicest people ever!

Then we had to take a slight hiatus from gardening projects while I finished school and graduated. In the meantime I kept up my little nursery of potted plants we’d been growing from seed ever since February. I love all the light in my laundry room/ pantry/ greenhouse. I wish I could capture the smell in there for you: an amazing mixture of laundry detergent, pungent moist soil smell, and all things growing.


My son cheered me on at graduation from BYU.


Go mom!

So did my awesome family.


After graduation, we got a move on again. My awesome husband did what we wimpy girls could not (albeit we did not have a crowbar) and helped me take apart the industrial planks so my strawberries could have more space to grow (the rows in the picture I posted previously were pretty, but I went for function over beauty (a habit of mine) and I’m pleased with the result. Then we stapled the white plastic the gal at Mc Coards had given us over the bottom of one and to the sides of the pallet stacked on top and filled it with our soil mixture. The gal over at the extension center suggested 1/3 diversified compost, 1/3 peat moss, and 1/3 vermiculite. Then I planted my strawberry plants and they look so happy! Here’s pictures of the whole process (which had to be done largely at night because that’s when baby was sleeping and we could get away to do it).




Kristi potted the carrots for me in these gorgeous barrels. They’re growing in peat moss with a layer of vermiculite. We’ve only planted the right barrel so we can thin them out into the left barrel and let them keep growing. Image

I’ve been slowly hardening plants by taking them outside for an hour a day (no easy task with a baby – gotta time it just right).


I homemade lovely cages (out of wire coat hangers and jewelry wire) for our roma tomatoes to grow up onto and repotted them into bigger containers. They’re doing marvelously now.


And finally, one of my favorite little projects. I made a green teepee in the north corner of our yard. I planted the peas we’d started inside and they’re doing great and planted more seed along the base. I’m going to plant green bean seeds there in a week or two as well when the soil warms a little more.

All I did was pound some stakes (rather haphazardly) into the ground and wrap garden twine around the top and then twine along the back so the plants have something to grow up. I left the front of the teepee open so the kids can go in and out and play in there. ImageImage

I’m so excited to teach our kiddos all about growing things as they grow. We plan to stay for another three years while Grant gets a masters in Instructional Psychology and Technology so I think we’ll really get to enjoy it.


4 Responses to "Garden Update – Raised Pallet Gardening, Potted Carrots, Hardening Plants, Homemade Tomato Cages, and a Green Teepee"

SOOOOOOOOOOo wonderful! I’m in awe! Hurray for green things growing!

Do you want to come over and help me? 🙂 Your garden looks fantastic! You get into so many cool projects!

Ha ha. I have a lot of help. 🙂 My sister Traci is a horticulture major and my sister Kristi and Mom have green thumbs and give me loads of advice and help. I’m lucky I have the support system in place that allows me to do such fulfilling projects. 🙂

Love the way this garden looks, keep the pictures coming!

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