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Writing is one of my passions. My favorite form of literature is the short essay, particularly personal essays. My blog posts are my essays, mostly composed in the shower which is the only personal time this crazy mother of two gets some days. My passions have a lot to do with my relationships so on this blog you’ll get a lot to do with parenting, marriage, and just being a woman.

I enjoy a lively discussion based on principles but not debate for debate’s sake so you will find I often censor such commentary on this blog (my blog. I can do what I like.). If you want to be cruel, you are welcome to use your own platform to do so but that will require you to explain yourself more so I find most mean-spiritedness fizzles out if not allowed in the comments. If I find myself reading mostly angry drivel in comments and thus not allowing them through, I’ll probably just get rid of the commenting option altogether so please be respectful so those who want to can continue to have commenting space.


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