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Posted on: May 24, 2011

With all the issues with blogger of late, I have decided to take my school posting for the day here (good ol’ reliable WordPress). A personal experience led me to a way to use what we learned yesterday about library databases to search out more information on a subject. Mona recently posted about her world travelling experiences and what she has observed about the influence a parent has on what a child becomes. The post reminded me of a debate we are having in one of my English theory classes about how the community we grow up in influences how we interpret a text and our opinions, beliefs, and unconscious worldview itself.

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The most striking theory on the subject, for me, comes from a man named Louis Althusser. I had heard interpretations of two of William Blake‘s poems using Althusser’s theory of Ideological State Apparatuses in a Romantic poetry course and was intrigued by the kernal of truth I found in them (that our ideology is heavily influenced by the institutions we grow up subscribing to). I decided to learn more about this guy. Read the rest of this entry »


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